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The Spirit to Serve Marriott's Way [J. W. Marriott, Kathy Ann Brown] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the bestselling tradition of The HP. The “Marriott Way” is built on fundamental ideals of service to associates, customers, and community. These ideals serve as the cornerstone for all Marriott . Marriott's “spirit to serve” our customers, employees and communities is an . discover hospitality as a career path by participating in activities on National.

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The Spirit To Serve Marriotts Way Pdf

In the bestselling tradition of The HP Way, The Spirit to Serve describes how one of the most successful hoteliers of the twentieth century built. The Spirit to Serve - Marriott's Way This book discusses the Marriott's philosophy and how important it has proven in . Marriott's Way PDF. In the bestselling tradition of The HP Way, The Spirit to Serve describes how one of the most successful hoteliers of the twentieth century built Marriott.

Willard Marriott Jr. Chairman and chief executive officer, Marriott International Nationality: American. Born: March 25, , in Washington, D. Education: University of Utah, BS, Career: Hot Shoppes, Inc. Marriott Drive, Washington, D. Under the younger Marriott's direction, Marriott International grew into a billion-dollar hotel and resort empire comprising over , employees at more than 2, lodging properties located in the United States and 63 other countries and territories. Marriott Jr. The company was consistently ranked as one of the industry's most admired and one of the best places to work, as reported by Fortune magazine. In addition to being at the fore-front of the business of providing hospitality, Marriott Jr. Under his leadership, Marriott aimed to aggressively increase its brand exposure and the overall success of its businesses. The company committed itself to offering outstanding customer service, ample opportunities for executive advancement, and noteworthy returns for both shareholders and owners. Willard Marriott Sr.

What I found amazing is his philosophy, is his ability to cut his own losses, sell off companies to somebody more motivated and talented to run some parts of his business, ability to live the uncomfortable life, when he could have just had a very smooth sailing life living off his fathers wealth.

Haven't heard many people being able to do that. I am also no sure how true this narrative is, given that its written by Marriott and could be a marketing propaganda. The importance of systems: What he means by systems can also be called automation.

SOPs etc are important for efficiency purposes. This is very true in age old industries like the hospitality industry, where there is no much technological disruption happening. In a podcast with Tim Ferriss, he discusses that he set up elaborate SOPs and systems to operate based on in his company. After a while, there were so many manual SOPs and systems to work through, that nobody smart enough wanted to work there. So there were systems without people to work through the systems.

In order to overcome this issue, he basically went to the other end of the pool, where there are very few systems in Netflix's culture, he pays the people way higher than normal, but also has a extremely higher barrier to entry to only allow the people who almost have the CEO personality to get things done. I am guessing the reason for this is probably because, NetFlix is fighting very established incumbents like Disney etc, and they need people who are that independent and don't necessarily follow rules.

Most startups need that kind of people only at the beginning, but it maybe that NetFlix needs that kind of independent CEO types even as it scales way past the initial stage. This is probably why it has been able to scale so fast, despite incumbents trying to beat them.

Treat your employees well: Its interesting that because Marriott is a hospitality industry, it places high emphasis on employee well being, and recognizes employees who do their job well and create that sense of belonging. They take care of the kids of their employees, when they are sick, listen to their employees, make their employees feel heard etc.

Even when they have to layoff people, they make sure they are secure and have future options. This motivates their employees to take care of their customers. This is way of doing business seems to be very similar to how software businesses run. Perhaps, it comes down to that in both these industries you are dealing with individual customers.

Even though, it seems software is a highly technical problem area, and it is, most software is fundamentally designed for a single end-user, not another robot. As such, customer service is a unstated job description of software development, and the people who become great fundamentally understand this.

Most software companies do offer a wide range of facilities like child care, free food etc. Netflix on the other hand offer very high compensation packages, and high flexibility, but doesn't necessarily take care of your kids etc. This kind of flexibility in job description only works for a very selected group of self-driven people, not for the majority. NetFlix thus selects only these people by eliminating everybody who doesn't fit the needs of the culture.

Its also probably a marketing tactic to distinguish itself, as I can't think of a company which won't need a combination of both. Perhaps, because business customers tend to be much more logical than individual customers. As a result, b2b industries such as hardware companies or enterprise software companies tend to do the exact opposite and place the customer first.

This is also probably why few talented people want to work in them, and why individual customer oriented industries tend to be leading edge and growing much faster these days. So, the conclusion from this maybe that even though in the short term, for b2b companies, it maynot matter too much whether they take care of their employees or not, if they don't take care of their employees in the long run, they will leave and thus suffer as a whole industry.

The challenge however is the tradeoff between short and long term business profits. If you really put employee first, your performance will drop.

Some locations were Hot Shoppes, but other facilities were cafeterias in apartment buildings, hotels, and government and industrial facilities, or the brand-new food-to-go Pantry Houses. By , when J. Willard Marriott was elected president of the National Restaurant Association, the Marriott enterprise had become a permanent feature of the American landscape.

[PDF] The Spirit to Serve: Marriott's Way [Read] Online

Marriott eagerly followed the trend, establishing a Highway Division to build Hot Shoppes along major traffic arteries, starting with the New Jersey Turnpike. To finance its fast-paced growth, the company went public in , selling all available shares in just two hours. In , a new corporate headquarters was constructed on River Road. The post-war boom in business and vacation travel meant more than just full parking lots at every Hot Shoppe.

Tourists and other travelers needed a roof over their heads at night. A new business opportunity beckoned. In , the company unveiled the Twin Bridges Motor Hotel, a room facility on Route 1, in Arlington, to have the huge hotel open in time for Dwight Eisenhowers inaugration.

True hands-on managers, the family was up half the night hanging pictures to be ready for the grand opening the next day.

[PDF Download] The Spirit to Serve: Marriott's Way [PDF] Full Ebook

The hotel soon attracted attention for its novel check-in procedure: Guests registered at a drive-up window, and then motored slowly to their rooms, led by guides on bicycles. Marriott ,Jr. After four years away at college and a two-year stint in the Navy, Bill was eager to carve a niche for himself in the family enterprise. He set out to master every aspect of hotel operations, even putting together room service trays and filling guest orders myself until he could train someone else to take over the job.

The intensive homework paid off. By the time the huge Atlanta Marriott the companys fifthe property opened in , Marriotts future in hotels was assured and J. Eager as Bill Marriott was to see the companys novel motor hotels dot the landscape, the restaurant division remained the main engine of growth in the s. Fast food was quickly becoming a way of life, and Marriott had responded early with the launch of Mighty Mo curbside restaurants in Dozens of locations soon popped up along the routes of busy shoppers.

The companys traditional restaurant and food service businesses likewise continued to proposer. By the end of the s, American diners in many large towns and cities could choose among a half dozen different Marriott restaurant brands, all within an easy drive of home.

Threatened oil shortages and a recession spurred many U. Marriott was no exception. The company tried its hand at theme parks Great America , cruise ships Sun Line , a travel agency, even a security alaram businesses.

While some ventures were more financially rewarding than others, all taught priceless lessons about Marriotts strengths and weaknesses. Among the most valuable insights was a recognition that the companys heart belonged first foremost to the hospitality business. Decades of providing two of lifes basic necessities food and a bed for the night- had given Marriott experience and expertise that few rivals could match.

Marriott celebrated by breaking ground for a spacious new headquarters off of Democracy Boulevard in Washington, D. For Bill Marriott, the future looked particularly bright.

After a lifetime in the hospitality, he knew almost as much about the company as his father. No one was surprised when, in , at age 40, he was named CEO. Many of the responsibilities, duties and authority that J. Willard had borne for nearly half a century were now Bills. Willard Cautious, Depression-forged nature. His son, in contrast, understood that debt was the only way to secure Marriotts stake in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry.

Bill Marriott also had his own vision of the future, one that promised to make the Marriott name one of the best-known hospitality brands in the world. Backed by limited partnerships and other financing the company assembled a large in-house development team and began to build dozens of hotels around the country and overseas. New construction wasnt limited to traditional full-service properties.

Competitors scrambled when Marriott unveiled moderate-priced Courtyard by Marriott in Other Marriott limited service brands quickly followed. By the end of , the company had more than hotels and was opening an average of two new properties a week. Hundreds more were in the planning stages. The companys stock split five for one in Fortune included him in its list of 25 most fascinating business leaders.

But success had its downside. A decade of wild growth was punctuated by more than one somber moment. The family patriarch, J. Willard Marriott, died in August at the familys summer home in New Hampshire. Not long after, the company made the wrenching decision to exit its original businesses restaurants and airline catering.

Late in , Bill Marriott suffered three heart attacks, just as a major recession hit the U. S, real estate market. The companys giant construction pipeline ground to a hait. Rocky times lay ahead.


The company faced the unwelcome prospect of cutbacks, lay-offs and other costsaving measures to cope with the recession. In , Marriott made the move of splitting into two companies : Marriott International and Host Marriott.

The split allowed Marriott International the old Marriott to concentrate on its profitable management services business, while the new Host Marriott took over the challenging real estate business. By the mid s, the economy was booming and Marriott was once again focused on growth.

In , the th Marriott hotel was opened, and an international push got underway. Franchising became a key strategy.

Mission Statements | OnStrategy Resources

Also during this time, the Pathways to Indepedence program was created. Pathways was a welfare-to-work program that addressed the companys need to develop and retain qualified employees. In , Bill Marriott began the process of transferring Marriott Internationals future into other hands.

In Feburary that year, he named William J. Shaw, a year veteran of the company, to the posts of President and Chief Operating Officer.

Project Report on Jw Marriott

Marriott also made time to co-author a book laying out his business philosophy: The Spirit to Serve: Marriotts Way, published by Harper Business. A decade that had begun on a challenging note ended with Marriott International at the top of the Fortune hotel industry list and being named one of the magazines most admired companies.

The opening also came just 10 days after the death of co-founder Alice S. Marriott at age Marriott passing together marked the end of a long and satisfying chapter in the companys history. In , Marriott International celebrated 75 years of continuous service to four generations of customers. Marriott opened its th hotel worldwide.

In March , Marriott Rewards celebrated 20 years of rewarding loyalty and has grown into the largest and longest running guest loyalty program in the world with more than 19 million members. In December , Marriott completed the sale of Ramada International hotels. The first bulgari hotel in Milan, Italy.

Marriott designated April as the first annual Environmental Awareness Month to promote activities to preserve natural surroundings and reduce resource consumption.

In September, all properties in U. In , Marriott celebrated two important milestones in Marriotts history: the 80th anniversary of our founding and the 50th anniversary of our entry into the hotel business.

Two new brands were announced in Nickelodeon Resorts by Marriott and Edition.

In January , Marriott announced a new position, global diversity officer, to spearhead the companys diversity outreach both inside and outside the United States. We believe the future of business is green Our sincerest desire is to make your stay as comfortable and productive as it is luxurious. We will delight your senses and inspire your imagination.


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