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    "Read The Myth of Male Power if you truly want to understand the man you hold dear. It is a rock solid and authentic decimation of the myth of male advantage. The Myth of Male Power documents how virtually every society that survived did so by persuading its sons to be disposable—disposable in war, disposable at work—and therefore, indirectly, disposable as dads. Dr. Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power says “false”: the world. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Men who make their way through the interminable subtitle and embark on this orignal and significant study will find.

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    The Myth Of Male Power Epub

    The Myth of Male Power: Why Men are the Disposable Sex is a book by Warren Farrell, in which the author argues that the widespread perception of men . The Myth of Male Power: Why Men are the Disposable Sex is a book by Warren Farrell, in which the author argues that the widespread. the written transcript and CD versions of The Myth of Male Power, the book comes Warren Farrell: In the Myth of Male Power, what I am trying to do is redefine.

    Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The Myth of Male Power documents how virtually every society that survived did so by persuading its sons to be disposable--disposable in war, disposable at work--and therefore, indirectly, disposable as dads. Universities teach our children that we live in a patriarchal world controlled by men to benefit men at the expense of women. Farrell says failure to understand men hurts everyone. It makes women feel oppressed and angry; it makes men feel unloved and unappreciated. It fuels hate between the sexes at a point in history that would otherwise possess great potential for love between the sexes. It does this by keeping us ignorant of male pain and powerlessness. The Myth of Male Power is a captivating journey around the world, throughout history, biology, the Bible, the law, and everyday life, challenging every currently-held assumption about men, women and the family. It empowers both sexes to ask the questions we need to began a genuine dialogue, such as: If men are the powerful sex… - Why are they the suicide sex?

    Farrell contends that this viewpoint creates psychological problems for both sexes: The subtitle of the book is "Why Men are the Disposable Sex. However, Farrell notes, there is a key difference: Farrell observes various characteristics of modern US society, such as the tendency to assign higher-risk jobs - soldier, firefighter, coal miner, and so on - to men: Other statistics, in conjunction with the lack of public outcry or mobilization around them, point in the same direction of male expendability.

    Men are victims of violent crime twice as often as women and are "three times more likely to be murder victims". Suicide rates are much higher for men than for women. While the death rates for breast cancer and prostate cancer are comparable, the US spends six times as much on breast cancer. These statistics, Farrell suggests, can only be explained if US society places greater value on the lives of women than of men.

    Todd Jones cites this as an example of abductive reasoning: Farrell posits that men and women need to make an evolutionary shift from a focus on survival to a focus on a proper balance between survival and fulfillment. He claims that the women's movement has led to the re-socialization of girls to become women who balance survival with fulfillment but that there has been no similar re-socialization of boys to become men who pursue that balance once they take on the responsibility of children.

    Thus, Farrell believes, boys and men are decades behind girls and women psychologically and socially, and increasingly behind women academically and economically.

    Farrell's political solution is "neither a women's movement blaming men nor a men's movement blaming women, but a gender transition movement. Men, Farrell posits, learn to earn money to gain the approval of their parents and the respect of other men; heterosexual men also learn to earn money to earn their way to female love "Women don't marry men reading Why Men Are the Way They Are in the unemployment line.

    He goes on to describe his theory that earning money is less about power, and more about trade-offs. Farrell proposes that "the road to high pay is a toll road--you earn more when you pay 25 specific tolls such as working more hours, or taking less-fulfilling or more-hazardous jobs Academic Kenneth Clatterbaugh , in an overview of literature of the men's movement , comments that "eventually, [Farrell's] arguments reach absurd heights, as when Farrell actually argues against sexual harassment laws and child molestation laws on the grounds that they give even more power to abuse men to women employees and children".

    Social critic Camille Paglia , writing for The Washington Post , says The Myth of Male Power "attacks the unexamined assumptions of feminist discourse with shocking candor and forces us to see our everyday world from a fresh perspective", though she added that Farrell is sometimes guilty of "questionable selectiveness or credulity about historical sources".

    Paglia nevertheless concludes that the book "is the kind of original, abrasive, heretical text that is desperately needed to restore fairness and balance to the present ideology-sodden curriculum of women's studies courses.

    Reviewer Robert Winder describes the book as "shock-horror hyperbole posing as scholarship" and goes on to write " Farrell might be right to see the gender conflict as a war to which only one side has turned up, but this is only a sarcastic way of confessing to an authentic male worry: Farrell, however, just like some of his female opposite numbers, prefers accusation to self-examination". Linda Mealey notes that the book is recommended reading for educators in the social sciences, particularly gender studies; she does critique Farrell, for easily seeing causality in correlation.

    The Los Angeles Times notes that " An article in Mother Jones notes that the book " The book includes several factual errors concerning murderer Laurie Dann , who is used as an example of violence against men by women.

    Farrell states that all of her victims were male, that she burned down a Young Men's Jewish Council, burned two boys in a basement, shot her own son, and alleged that she killed an eight-year old rapist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal.

    Books portal. Men's Movements". Oxford University Press, , which is a debate of thirteen gender issues between James Sterba, representing feminist theory, and Warren Farrell, articulating gender transition theory. Problems and Solutions".

    Behavior and Philosophy. Simon and Schuster, , Personal Introduction. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. I am a male who works in the mental health field and so I consider myself very aware in the areas of social justice, feminist theory, and how socialization affects genders, ethnic and other groups. I was shocked at how many of my own blind spots were illuminated by reading the stats and analyses in this book.

    What I appreciate most is that this book presents facts that are difficult to argue with and speak for themselves. In fact, I think that if there was a "cliffs notes" version of this book that included only the stats then it might be even more influential to some who have a closed mind to the idea that men actually have it quite rough in our country. I found myself thinking about how many times I have heard men be labeled as the "privileged" gender, as if it were that black and white and always easier to be a man.

    Now I finally know why those conversations always seemed severely oversimplified. One recent reviewer simply said "A whiney book". I think this is a good example of Dr.

    Farrell's thesis. When a woman writes a book about how women are treated unfairly, it is usually called feminist progress, strength, courage, activism, advocacy, and a step towards equality. To any woman who feels confused about why men might be angrier than she would like, I urge you to read this book. As comes up over and over again in this book, most men want most of all to have female love, and we base our lives on how to obtain it and prevent losing it.

    As Dr. Farrell points out, teenage boys suffer more emotionally than girls when a breakup of a love relationship occurs, and men are far more likely to commit suicide when left by a woman than the other way around. I think most of us men don't even realize how powerless we feel to get women to appreciate us, especially since society is constantly telling us how powerful we are.

    If you want a loving connection with a man, this book might help you build empathy and appreciation for them, which could be a good step. The author began his intellectual life as an advocate for rights and liberation for women, but slowly came to realize that men were equally trapped in their roles and had no advocate. As he began to explore men's predicament, he was shunned by the women's movement.

    This book is the result of his exploration. It is the most complete discussion of why men are forced to be the way they are and why our society will not allow them to change. This book is not a quick, light read.

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    However, it is thought-provoking and worth the time. I think it is fair to write that this book is one of the most socially significant books ever written. The author took a tremendous personal risk writing this, and no doubt has suffered from some personal backlash as a result.

    He has put into words a topic that many males are speaking about in private, but rarely convey their feelings publicly. Ironic, because that is exactly what this book is about.

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    The author has pulled together chapter after chapter of examples of male expendability. Everything from high risk jobs gathering resources for others, high risk jobs protecting others including military service, the amount of money spent on health issues that are unique to males, suicide statistics across cultures, homelessness statistics, reproductive rights, child custody rights, etc.

    Issues that affect males, but are rarely spoken of, in great part because we have learned not to speak of them. This book is one of those rare gems that will leave the reader angered, or feeling like they've woken up from a life time of slumber. An affirmation for those who have already started the process of pondering their place in the world as a male.

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    Thia book really got me to thinking of how I lool at the opposite sex. It also enables me to have more empathy and compassion towards struggles that are typically geared toward races. Must read for your sons. Men are not the enemy Obligatory reading for all male feminists out there. But beware, you may get redpilled. Overall 4. The message is powerful and an extremely important one to get across, the one downside was his occasional restatement of information already mentioned earlier, which got a little annoying.

    Overall he did an excellent job. I would have preferred to see many of the issues covered in more detail, however he was covering a huge amount of ground in this book and covering each detail more thoroughly would have probably taken it from a page book to close to pages.

    For readers less attuned to male issue I can only suggest to stick with the book till the end before imparting judgment. Farrell will often make some seemingly extraordinary claims at the beginning of a section, but he almost always draws upon a sufficient amount of evidence to thoroughly prove his point before moving on.

    Excellent and very thought-provoking book. Very well written and easy to understand! Its content is more relevant and desperately needed today more than ever. Kudos and mountains of respect for the author!! See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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