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The Chemical Garden Trilogy has 8 entries in the series. Fever. The Chemical Garden Trilogy (Series). Book 2. Lauren DeStefano Author (). cover image. Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) In the Garden Trilogy, 02, Black Rose · Read more Nora Roberts- Garden Trilogy - Red lily. Read more. View fever the chemical garden 2 Fever Chemical Garden Fever The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book and over one million other books are available for Kindle.

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Fever The Chemical Garden Trilogy Pdf

To ask other readers questions about Fever, please sign up. Fever, the second installment to The Chemical Garden Trilogy, picks up immediately where . Fever (The Chemical Garden #2) by Lauren DeStefano. Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, but danger is never far behind. Running away brings. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Rhine's struggles and pain are real, and her story is both Fever (The Chemical Garden Trilogy Book 2) - Kindle edition by Lauren.

Plot[ edit ] Fever takes place in a future where genetic sciences have created a cure of all diseases and illness for humanity. This cure allows for the "First Generation" of perfect humans free from ailments. The First Generation live long and healthy lives, but their children and grandchildren suffer from a virus created from the cure which kills the younger generations. The virus kills females at the age of 20 and males at the age of This creates a dramatic crisis in population and a disparity between the rich and poor. Females are valued for research or sold into prostitution by Gatherers. After gaining the trust of Linden and befriending a servant Gabriel, Rhine and Gabriel escape the Florida mansion and start the journey to reunite with her twin brother Rowan back in New York.

Plot[ edit ] Wither describes a future where genetic engineering has cured humanity of all diseases and defects. People worldwide have foregone conceiving children naturally in favor of this new science.

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This generation of perfect humans, later dubbed "The First Generation", lived very long and prosperous lives. Unfortunately their children ended up plagued with a virus that killed all females by the age of 20 and all males by the age of Their children's children suffered the same fate. Humanity now scrambles for a cure as society has broken down into large gaps between the rich and the poor.

Gatherers hunt for young girls on the streets to sell them into labs for research, and the unwanted ones go into prostitution or are simply killed.

Rhine finds herself forced to marry Linden along with two other girls, Jenna and Cecily. They join Rose as Linden's new brides, but the ailing Rose is already 20 years of age and does not have long left to live.

Life in the Ashby manor is very comfortable. Cecily embraces it while Rhine constantly thinks of ways to escape. She befriends her servant Gabriel and behaves like a good wife in front of Linden and his father, Housemaster Vaughn, in order to earn the title of "First Wife", which would grant her additional privileges to roam the mansion.

Rhine sets that as a goal in order to plan her escape. Linden clears his throat in the doorway. Cecily bounds to him and ups herself on tiptoes to kiss him when she takes the brownie from his hand. She settles in a chair and props her swollen feet up on the window ledge. She has a way of ignoring Lindens hints about wanting to be alone with me.

It was a minor annoyance in our marriage, but right now its a relief. I dont know what Linden wants to say to me, only that his fidgeting means he wants it to be in private, and Im dreading it. I watch as Cecily nibbles the edges of the brownie and dusts crumbs off her shirtfront.

Shes aware of Lindens restlessness, but she also knows he wont ask her to leave. Because shes pregnant, and because shes the only wife left who so genuinely adores him.

I sort of feel sorry for him.

He has never been authoritative enough to ask for what he wants. Even though I know this conversation hes itching to have will leave me feeling guilty and miserable, I owe him this much. Cecily, I say. Leave us alone for a few minutes.

She glances at Linden, who looks at her and doesnt object, and then back to me. I have to pee anyway. After she leaves, closing the door behind her, Linden shuts his notebook. I push myself upright, smooth the sheets over my thighs, and nod, avoiding his eyes.

What is it? I ask.

Do you have any sort of plan? I was never good at plans, I say. But Ill figure it out. How will you find your brother? Rhode Island is hundreds of miles away. Ive been reading up on it.

Fever (The Chemical Garden #2)

He frowns. Youre still recovering, he says. You should rest for a few days. I might as well get moving. I close the atlas. I have nowhere else to go. You have a He hesitates. A place to stay.

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He was going to say home. I dont answer, and the silence is filled with all the things Linden wants to say. Phantom words, ghosts that haunt the pieces of dust swimming in beams of light. My uncle. My father disowned him years ago, when I was very young, he says. Im supposed to pretend he doesnt exist, but he doesnt live far from here.

Hes your fathers brother? I say, skeptical. Just think about it, Linden says. Hes a little strange, but Rose liked him. He says that last part with a laugh, and his cheeks light up with pink, and I strangely feel better.

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